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Siporex AAC Blocks

Lightweight Siporex blocks are pre-cast AAC blocks that are used in construction projects that call for superior thermal insulation as well as heat resistance. Another name for them is cellular concrete. Using a Siporex block for both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls is seamless. Additionally, it is created with more accuracy, with a tolerance of about 3mm. As a result, quality is greatly improved, guaranteeing that building structures are designed with durability in mind. Shreesha Building Solution, Coimbatore, the best wholesale supplier of Siporex AAC blocks across Tamil Nadu. Lightweight Siporex blocks are made from a mixture of cement, quartz sand, water, and aluminium powder that has been fully cured. These AAC blocks have exceptional workability, durability, fire resistance, and insect resistance, making them particularly ideal for all climatic and seismic zones.
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Siporex AAC Blocks House

Siporex-Revolutionising The Future Of Building Systems

Regardless of the climatic circumstances anywhere in the world, Siporex has been employed since the early 1930s on large-scale construction projects like schools, homes, hospitals, commercial, government, and industrial projects. Due to the fact that Siporex satisfies every demand of our current age construction system, it is always a worthy competitor to the best building materials in the world. Its distinctive qualities guarantee a superior building material that has successfully revolutionised the way in which building systems will be used in the future. As a result, considering the rapid development and expanding demand, it justifies being the best option for building construction.

Siporex AAC Blocks

The Advantages Of Siporex AAC Blocks

The Siporex AAC block is echo-friendly and is also a member of the Indian Green Building Council(IGBC). It also eliminates the use of soil consuming red bricks.

Siporex products have ISI(BIS) norms and are developed under Indian standards. Furthermore, it saves energy and is environmentally friendly.

The installation and ongoing costs of air conditioning units are significantly reduced due to the superior insulating qualities of siporex autoclaved aerated concrete.

Speedy construction ensures fast returns on investment. Moreover, mass production of siporex blocks in the factory ensures uniform quality and improve savings.

The siporex blocks have a simple surface and were wire-curt. As a result, putty and painting can be done directly on internal walls without applying plaster.

Siporex blocks are a safe, all-natural building material. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly and saves electricity and doesn't emit any harmful compounds.

Siporex AAC Blocks Application

Siporex serves as a high-quality load-bearing structure as well as a good insulator due to the numerous tiny air bubbles. It offers durability, fire resistance, sound proofing, thermal insulation and low weight. Siporex AAC blocks are utilised as roof tiles that provide thermal insulation as well as load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. They are also utilised as infills for ribbed slabs or hordi blocks. They can be set using thin-bed mortar with a mortar joint that is no thicker than 3mm since they are manufactured with extremely exact dimensions and a narrow tolerance of 3mm for thickness and width. As a result, a high-quality wall construction with quick installation and consistent thermal insulation is produced.

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Siporex AAC Blocks Features

Siporex AAC Block Characteristics


Siporex AAC blocks are more load-bearing than traditional blocks due to their lighter weight, which speeds up construction and lowers foundation loads and transportation costs.

Perfect Dimension

The Siporex AAC blocks are produced to the perfect dimensions provided by the construction industry. This facilitates the creation of perfectly straight walls and reduces the amount of on-site trimming.

Sound insulation

The finest sound insulators are Siporex AAC blocks, which make buildings free of unnecessary noise. The blocks are well-liked at hospitals, auditoriums, theatres and colleges because of this characteristic.


There are no deterioration-causing organic compounds in Siporex AAC blocks. It is extremely sturdy against all seismic weather situations and will not deteriorate in any climatic circumstances.

Pest resistance

Because Siporex AAC blocks are not composed of organic materials, pest attraction is constrained. By doing this, the construction structure will sustain less damage from termites, insects, and rodents.

Green building material

Since Siporex AAC blocks are free of any hazardous substances, they are considered as green building materials. These blocks are eco-friendly and have the IGBC's accreditation as green building materials.

Best Siporex AAC Block Supplier

The best Siporex AAC block supplier in Tamil Nadu, Shreesha Building Solution, Coimbatore, provides you with the blocks at the most affordable prices in the market. A lightweight concrete called Siporex is created from cement, quartz sand, water, and aluminium powder. The aluminium powder serves as a foaming agent to create Calcium Silicate Hydrate, a homogeneous cellular structure. After being subjected to high-pressure steam curing in an autoclave, the product has a density that is around one-fourth that of a conventional brick. All their excellent qualities make them preferable for building any kind of building structure. We provide a wide range of Siporex products. They include:

Siporex Lightweight AAC Blocks

6 Inch Siporex AAC block

8 Inch Siporex AAC block

9 Inch Siporex AAC block

Siporex fire resistant AAC block

Siporex AAC block 24*8*4

Siporex AAC block 24*8*5

Siporex AAC Blocks

Siporex AAC Blocks supplier
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