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What is AAC Blocks?

AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) blocks are a lightweight, precast building material made from a mixture of cement, lime, sand, and water. It has a low thermal conductivity, which makes it an ideal material for sound insulation and energy efficiency. AAC blocks are strong and durable and are easy to cut, shape, and install. They can be used as a load-bearing wall or as part of a partition wall, and they can also be used as a lightweight, non-load-bearing infill material. AAC blocks are suitable for both exterior and interior walls, and they have excellent fire and water resistance. They are also an environmentally friendly building material as they are made from natural raw materials and are energy-efficient. AAC blocks are a great option for those looking for an economical, yet durable building material.
AAC Blocks

Manufacturing Properties of AAC Blocks

OPC grade 53 cement is ideal for making AAC blocks because it hardens, sets, and can bond other materials.
Fly Ash
An industrial waste product called fly ash is used to lower construction costs. Fly ash has a density of 400 to 1800 kg/m3.
Limestone is either purchased from a merchant in powder form or is crushed to a fine powder at the AAC factory.
Aluminum Powder
Aluminum Powder is used as a foaming agent in AAC Blocks, providing thermal insulation and improved strength.

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AAC Blocks Sizes & Prices

Sl.No Size Brand Price
1 24''X8''X4'' Birla Aerocon Approx. ₹43 / Piece
2 24''X8''X4'' Meghalite Approx. ₹55 / Piece
3 600X200X100mm Siporex Approx ₹78 / Piece
4 600X200X150mm Birla Aerocon Approx. ₹80 / Piece
5 600X200X150mm Meghalite Approx. ₹86 / Piece
6 600X200X200mm Meghalite Approx. ₹100 / Piece
7 600X200X200mm Siporex Approx. ₹100 / Piece
8 600X200X230mm Birla Aerocon Approx. ₹99 / Piece
9 600X200X230mm Siporex Approx. ₹100 / Piece

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Technical Specification of AAC Blocks

Property Sizes Units
Size 600 x 200 x (50 to 300) mm
Compressive Strength 3 – 4.5 (IS 2185 part 3) N/mm2
Normal Dry Density 450 – 650 Kg/m3
Fire Resistance 2-6 Hrs.
Thermal Conductivity “K” 0.16 – 0.18 W / m-k
Sound Reduction Index 45 for 200 mm Thick Wall Db
Sound Absorption Up to 42 De
Drying Shrinkage 0.04 % ( Size Of Block ) %

Usage of AAC Blocks

AAC blocks (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks) are a lightweight, precast building material that simultaneously provides structure, insulation, and fire and mold resistance. AAC blocks are made from silica-rich material like sand or fly ash, which are then combined with a foaming agent and quicklime. After being formed into blocks, the material is “autoclaved” - heated under pressure - to create its signature lightness and strength. AAC blocks are a popular choice for buildings because they can be installed quickly, reducing construction time, and because they are more energy-efficient than traditional concrete blocks. AAC blocks are also fire-resistant, meaning they can be used in areas where fire codes are a requirement. They can also be cut and shaped with standard woodworking tools, allowing for greater flexibility in design.

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AAC Blocks vs Red Bricks

Because of the various benefits that AAC blocks have over traditional bricks, construction companies in India are looking for makers of these blocks.

First off, employing bricks in building construction leads in higher expenses and waste due to their weight. Rising kiln fuel costs could also affect the price as a whole. AAC blocks, on the other hand, are transportable. AAC blocks weight around 80% less than typical red bricks, which cuts costs by lowering the demand for cement and steel. AAC blocks offer greater durability, improved sound and heat insulation, and are more environmentally friendly than bricks.

AAC Blocks vs Red Bricks

Advantages of AAC blocks


The AAC Blocks are environmentally friendly and sustainable due to the use of recycled industrial waste (fly ash), non-toxic ingredients.


The AAC blocks are between three and four times lighter than bricks and thirty percent lighter than concrete, which reduces the dead load of the building.

Energy Efficient

Excellent thermal insulation is provided by the small air pores and thermal mass of the blocks, which lowers a building's heating and cooling costs.

Fire Resistant

It is non-combustible, fire-resistant up to 1600° C, and can withstand exposure to direct sunlight for up to 6 hours.

Acoustic Performance

The AAC block's superior sound absorption qualities are due to its porous nature. It blocks out all loud noises and disturbances with sound attenuation of about 42 dB.

Seismic Resistant

Lightweight building blocks reduce the mass of a structure, which lessens the shaking that a building experiences during an earthquake.

Faster Construction

The time required for construction is reduced by 20% when using AAC blocks. As a result of different block sizes, there are fewer joints in masonry walls.

Easy Workability

To suit specific needs, AAC blocks are easily cut, drilled, nailed, milled, and grooved.
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Frequently Asked Question

Know the answer for your questions about AAC Blocks.
  • Are AAC blocks good or bad?

    AAC blocks are generally considered a good building material due to their light weight, high energy efficiency, fire resistance, and sound insulation properties. They are also easy to work with and relatively inexpensive. However, they are not suitable for all applications and their availability may be limited in some areas.

  • Can AAC blocks be covered with tiles?

    Yes, AAC blocks can be covered with tiles. However, it is important to ensure that the tiles are not too heavy for the AAC blocks to support, and that the installation is completed correctly, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • What is the average cost per AAC block in India?

    The average AAC block price in India varies depending on the type of block, the size, and the quality. Generally, however, average AAC block prices range from Rs. 75 to Rs. 140 per square feet.

  • Are AAC blocks suitable for use in home construction?

    Yes, AAC blocks are suitable for use in home construction. AAC blocks are lightweight, fire-resistant, and energy efficient, making them an ideal choice for a variety of home construction projects.