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Shreesha Building Solution, Coimbatore, which was founded in 2005, quickly established itself as the leading supplier of AAC blocks in Tamil Nadu. We offer a huge selection of superior autoclaved aerated concrete blocks in addition to other premium building supplies. We have assembled a team of highly qualified individuals to help customers clear up their questions and select the best options by leveraging our extensive industry experience and understanding of their needs. The success of our clients is a direct reflection of the excellence of the service we offer. Shreesha Building Solution always prioritizes the quality of the building materials delivered and adheres strictly to quality control at every stage, from choosing brands to delivering the supplies. The brands we deal with make you cognizant of why the people have selected us as the best dealers of AAC blocks in Coimbatore. We deal with the incredible brands Siporex, Birla Aerocon, and Meghalite for AAC bricks. A revolution in the building industry is always brought about by these brands.
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One of India's main producers of lightweight AAC blocks is Siporex. Also known as cellular concrete, it is a superior structural material. Siporex AAC blocks have a wide range of unique qualities that set them apart from other building materials, including an extremely high load-bearing capacity, excellent insulation qualities, and a large number of tiny non-connecting air bubbles. After discovering well about significant demand for these blocks, numerous manufacturers of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks have arisen. However, Shreesha Building Solution, Coimbatore, only works with the top AAC block manufacturers, and as a result, we have emerged as the leading dealers of Siporex AAC blocks in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Siporex AAC blocks meet all the criteria of modern construction requirements and are also non-hazardous, energy-efficient and natural building materials. Siporex blocks are ideal building blocks which are highly demanded in the construction of hospitals and educational institutions. Siporex AAC blocks are available at the most affordable prices at Shreesha Building Solution, Coimbatore.

Siporex AAC Blocks Dealer


In order to achieve their goal of providing the public with the greatest environmentally friendly building materials, Birla Aerocon, from Asia's most reputable HIL brand, offers the best variety of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. The construction industry can meet all the next generation norms and practises thanks to Birla Aerocon AAC blocks' increased resistance to damage. They are used widely for building both commercial and residential structures because of their unrivalled qualities including thermal insulation and termite resistance. Shreesha Building Solution, Coimbatore, partners with the renowned Birla Aerocon brand to offer their customers the effective AAC blocks, and the company is currently recognised as Coimbatore's top AAC block dealer of this brand. These blocks are eminent green building materials that are best suited for the development of perfect and finished building structures. Birla Aerocon AAC blocks are available at affordable prices at Shreesha Building Solution, Coimbatore.

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The Meghalite team emerged by generating one of the best current AAC block families by extensive research and a desire to produce an innovation-driven AAC block after realising their significance on a global scale. The team's goal of producing robust and long-lasting autoclaved aerated concrete blocks was accomplished, and their blocks received widespread global recognition. These blocks are made with cutting-edge German technology and are used to build industrial, commercial, and residential structures. Meghalite AAC blocks are distinctive due to their characteristics and environmentally benign because they provide the finishing constructions for the buildings. They reduce pollution and put industrial waste to good use. The blocks have outstanding flexural performance and are incombustible. AAC blocks made of Meghalite are supplied across Tamil Nadu by Shreesha Building Solutions in Coimbatore, which is rated as the top supplier because to its high level of customer care and competitive pricing.

Meghalite AAC Blocks Dealer

AAC Blocks Dealers in Coimbatore

Shreesha Building Solutions, located in Coimbatore, concentrates on their business by utilising the trust gained through offering the best-branded building materials to the consumers at reasonable pricing. Customer pleasure in its entirety is our main objective, and we place the highest emphasis on quality. We are entrusted with leading manufacturers throughout the world to carry out our aim of providing superior AAC blocks as well as other building supplies. To suit the demands of our consumers, we have partnered with the brands Siporex, Birla Aerocon, and Meghalite. Consequently, Tamil Nadu's top AAC block provider; with 17 years of pertinent expertise in this industry, we have firmly established our position via our commitment to excellent service, which is attested to by the success of our clients. We are thought of as the ideal partner you could engage for enhancing your construction dreams.

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