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Meghalite Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks are also known as Light Weight Fly Ash Blocks. It is a precast, lightweight building material that simultaneously offers structure, insulation, and fire and mold resistance. Due to their exceptional characteristics like superheat, fire, and sound resistance, Meghalite AAC Blocks (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) are a special and great form of building material. Meghalite blocks offer the best workability, flexibility, and durability and are lightweight. Along from being fire and insect resistant, meghalite blocks have outstanding thermal insulation and sound absorption qualities. When all of these qualities are considered, it is more advantageous from an economic and environmental standpoint than the more conventional structural construction materials like stone, brick, and clay. In Tamil Nadu, Shreesha Building Solutions, Coimbatore, is the leading distributor of meghalite AAC blocks.
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History & Benefits of AAC Blocks

With 70 years of existence, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are the most innovative building material. Its favorable environmental impact has only lately been recognized in the construction industry. AAC blocks are currently regarded as the construction industry's king. Additionally, AAC provides a lot of benefits, including:

  • Lightweight products are more likely to survive earthquakes since they use less energy and money.
  • The amount of solid waste produced during use is reduced by accurate cutting.
  • Lower environmental effect during every stage of its life cycle, from the preparation of raw materials to the disposal of waste.
  • Larger blocks allow for quicker work completion.
  • The heating and cooling burden in buildings is reduced via increased thermal efficiency.
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Meghalite AAC blocks Distributor

Meghalite AAC Blocks (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) are a unique and excellent type of building material due to their superior qualities like superheat, fire, and sound resistance. Meghalite always introduces AAC as a result of its constant pursuit of improved building materials and technology (Autoclave Aerated Concrete). Since AAC (Autoclave Aerated Concrete) is clearly superior to traditional materials like bricks, stone, and clay, the rapidly evolving construction sector has welcomed this cutting-edge technology. The foundations created by years of prior architectural discoveries served as the starting point for the team led by Meghalite. More importantly, it was discovered that this product has enormous potential and may greatly improve the construction process. Due to the distribution of high quality and cost-effective Meghalite AAC blocks, Shreesha Building Solution Coimbatore ranks the first for meghalite blocks supply in Tamilnadu.

Meghalite AAC Blocks

Eco-friendly and Energy-Saving AAC Blocks

Meghalite AAC blocks are temperature-controlled and energy-efficient because to their thermal insulation.

These blocks are green building components created from non-toxic elements to reduce pollution.

Flyash is used to make Meghalite AAC blocks since it would otherwise be deposited in the ground, polluting it.

Do not release harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide and dioxide, even while near a fire.

The fact that they are LEED certified construction blocks puts them far ahead in terms of thermal ratings.

Since there is no pollution produced during the manufacturing process, it is of high quality.

Meghalite AAC blocks Features

Reduction in Cost and Weight

Meghalite Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks possess reduced weight and cost, which makes them widely accepted in the construction sector. Because of their light weight, they are highly load-bearing and easy to transport, resulting in a lower overall construction cost.

Efficient Energy Saver

Meghalite Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks are sound and heat insulated, which saves energy. The blocks are effective in the construction of hospitals, auditoriums, and educational institutions because they are soundproof and help maintain temperatures under various climatic conditions.

Great Water Absorption

Meghalite AAC blocks have a compressive force that falls around 3.5–4 N/m2. This is way ahead when compared to just 2.5–3 N/m2 of clay bricks. This shows that they are sturdy by design due to their high compressive strength.

High Compressive Strength

Meghalite AAC blocks have a compressive force that falls around 3.5–4 N/m2. This is way ahead when compared to just 2.5–3 N/m2 of clay bricks. This shows that they are sturdy by design due to their high compressive strength.

Benefits of Meghalite AAC Blocks

Sound insulation
Meghalite Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks possess a high global sound reduction index, which means the blocks are highly sound insulated.
Fire resistance
Meghalite AAC blocks can withstand fires up to 1200 °C, making them obviously highly effective against fire and readily meeting strict fire safety regulations.
Termite Resistance
The Meghalite AAC blocks provide exceptional resistance to common termites, insects, moulds, and rodents due to the absence of organic components.
High stability
Meghalite AAC blocks have sufficient force owing to the distinctive manufacturing technique. This gives the structure rigidity and earthquake resistance.
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