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In Tamil Nadu, Shreesha Building Solutions, Coimbatore, which was founded in 2005, the top wholesaler and retail provider of premium AAC blocks and other building supplies. To increase the standard for overall performance, we always make sure to produce premium goods that abide by stringent quality standards. We provide AAC blocks from the top producers, including Birla Aerocon and Meghalite. The success of our wide variety of customers demonstrates the high calibre of the service we provide. The experience of our customers’ points that any building's construction would not be complete without the autoclaved aerated concrete blocks we supply, which provide a sturdy structural base that will remain a lifetime.
Aerocon AAC blocks supplier in coimbatore
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Since 2005, we have been Tamilnadu's exclusive distributor of AAC blocks.

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Shreesha Building Solutions

#1 AAC Blocks Dealer in Coimbatore

Shreesha Building Solution in Coimbatore is one of the top dealers with a reputable history and 17 years of experience in AAC Blocks wholesale supply. Our product category includes high-quality autoclave aerated concrete blocks, concrete blocks, AAC blocks trowels, and many other efficient building materials. These product lines particularly appeal to our customers because of their appropriate size, high standards, flexibility, and consumer appeal. Our experts worked incredibly hard to recognise the market's need for concrete blocks. Our quality inspectors thoroughly inspect each AAC block and building material as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. To reach our production goal and work toward upholding all standards demanded by the construction industry, we strictly adhere to all of our infrastructure's maintenance procedures.
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India Mart, the biggest online B2B marketplace in the world links suppliers and customers. The channel's main objective is to give people, big businesses, and small and medium-sized businesses enterprises (SMEs) a platform. The India Mart Trusted Seal has been awarded to Shreesha Building Solution, India's Leading Supplier of AAC Blocks.

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We source all of our products from reputable suppliers to guarantee that our customers receive concrete blocks of the utmost quality.

We purchase all of our vendors from dependable sources to ensure that we are supplying our consumers with concrete blocks of the finest quality. In our sector, selecting vendors is done by a knowledgeable and professional staff that considers a vendor's reputation before selecting them. Additionally, Shreesha Building Solutions in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, guarantees that we will supply these concrete blocks to our clients on time by these merchants and as a result, the market gives us an enormous range of customers.




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Shreesha Building Solutions

Premium Dealer of AAC blocks

We only collaborate with the greatest AAC block producers, notably Birla Aerocon AAC blocks and Meghalite AAC blocks, to guarantee that we are offering the highest quality to our consumers. The quality of service and building materials makes Shreesha Building Solution, Coimbatore, the best AAC Blocks wholesale dealer in Tamil Nadu. We also supply Ready mix plasters from Birla and Siporex AAC blocks. These brands' distinctive qualities enhance our crown. Let’s have a bliss on these brands:

Aerocon AAC Blocks
Lightweight AAC Blocks
Best AAC Blocks Wholesale Supplier

Birla Aerocon AAC Blocks

Birla Aerocon is the market leader in producing autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, a cutting-edge and sustainable building material. Numerous updated characteristics, such as improved weight, durability, and insulation, are present. They are produced using German cutting-edge technology, and in addition to being dimensionally accurate and having outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties, they are also affordable and simple to use. They can be laid much more quickly since they weigh less than clay bricks, which speeds up building and lowers expenses. It is not unexpected that Birla Aerocon AAC blocks are contemporary alternatives to hollow bricks, concrete, and clay, and that Shreesha Building Solutions is their best wholesale supplier & dealer in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.
birla aerocon

Birla Aerocon AAC Blocks Attributes

High Fire Resistance
Good sound insulation
Dimensional Stability
Ease of Workability
Consistently High Quality

Meghalite AAC Blocks

The most widely used green building material is Meghalite AAC blocks, sometimes referred to as light weight fly ash block, and it is an innovation-driven replacement for better construction. Because of their firmness, dynamic composition, and low weight, Meghalite AAC Blocks are robust and incredibly durable. Meghalite AAC Blocks are distributed by Shreesha Building Solutions throughout Tamilnadu and are made of 60-65% fly ash, OPC cement, quicklime, gypsum, and aluminium powder. Because of its dynamic composition, Meghalite AAC Blocks are strong and incredibly durable yet being relatively light. Additionally, calcium silicate and autoclave curing work together to create the rigidity of this AAC block.
Meghalite AAC Blocks

Meghalite AAC Blocks Features

No curing is required
High thermal insulation
Economical to use
Easy workability
No wastage
High coverage
No shrinkage cracks
Fire resistant


We have a broad range of successful clients, which speaks volumes about our customer service and product quality. Our experienced professionals will advise and instruct our clients at each stage of the selecting process. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is focused on:
Quality Products
We ensure priority for our clients and deliver a wide range of quality building materials.
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We stringently focus on safe and on-time delivery of superior quality building products.
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Our experienced team guides, and recognizes our clients’ needs to select the best products.
Affordable prices
Our building materials are available at top quality and most attractive prices in the market.
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